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Wage tax and social security

It is possible to remunerate your employees in a number of different ways. However, each way could result in other tax consequences. It is not a simple matter to determine what those consequences would be. However, we can address these consequences in a manner that is as tax efficient as possible for both employer and employee.

However, arranging the remuneration of your own employees is not the only moment at which you need to be aware of possible tax consequences. Also when insourcing external workers or even when outsourcing work to (sub)contractors, here may be a variety of tax related consequences.

In case your employees are working across the border or are fully deployed abroad, this could have far-reaching tax and financial consequences for you and your employees. In these cases, we can fully unburden you from difficult wage tax questions. For instance, in what country will the employee be subject to taxation and where will social security contributions need to be paid? We can also advice you on the possibilities of a salary split and the so-called 30%-ruling. We have a great deal of practical experience in cross-border employment.


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