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Assurance services and ‘adding value’ are not usually viewed together, since the primary objective of an audit is to provide an independent opinion on your financial statements. We do not subscribe to this concept.

We recognise the commercial importance of providing assurance on your business controls so that there are no surprises. Equally, we understand the need to offer advice to help you develop your business in relation to your internal control systems and management information.

We provide external audit services to a wide range of clients, from newly formed start-ups to established national and international groups. Our well-resourced and experienced audit team covers Dutch as well as global audit assignments and our focus on planning ensures timely reporting to shareholders, audit committees and regulators as applicable.

A key element of our approach is to agree clients’ expectations at an early stage, which ensures that key risks are identified and dealt with from the start. Early planning means that we have the information we need to provide an efficient and seamless audit service, and that our clients have plenty of notice to gather the relevant information so that it does not interfere with their daily workload.


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