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What is the UBO-register?

The UBO-register is a register that contains certain personal details of the ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs) of Dutch corporate entities such as a BVs and NVs, and other legal entities such as foundations, associations, limited partnerships such as vennootschappen onder firma (VOF) and commanditaire vennootschappen (CVs), and many more.

When do I have to register the Ultimate Benificial owner?

Changes with respect to the information of the UBOs from existing entities / first registration for newly incorporated entities within 8 days. Existing entities must have registered the individuals who qualify as UBO within 18 months (ultimately 27 March 2022).

Flowchart: 'how to correctly register the UBO in four steps'

With help of this flowchart on the UBO-register we explain in 4 steps which individuals can be identified as the UBO and how the UBO should be registered. Please fill in the form and we will send it right to you!

A correct registration of the UBO in 4 steps

Please fill in the form and we will send it directly to your email adress. 



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